Wendelstein 7-X inside.jpg

Wendelstein 7-X is an experimental stellerator in Greifswald, Germany. This nuclear fusion reactor is made up of five field-period Halias. This reactor uses superconducting magnetic coils to suspend plasma in order to allow it to spin freely without touching the reactor's walls, which must maintain it's outer coils at -300 Celsius to stay superconductive. With plasma reaching six million degrees Celsius during a cycle of 2,000 pulses. This 750 ton machine is comprised of over a million different machines in order for it to function. This piece is artistic soundscape of what this machine is and what future it will bring humanity. "When abundant raw energy is unleashed."

Nature Path.jpg

Written for an orchestral reading at Oklahoma City University. A Gingerly Stroll is a programmatic work about an older individual's walk through the park triggers memories that harmonize or conflict with their journey. In this work, I was focused on making drastic transitions to retexturize my theme but also wanted to infuse the change into it's new transformation. 

A White Cedar tree is known for being the slowest growing tree in the world. I was very curious about how to better represent slowness in music and what limits time can be stretched without being mundane. I wrote this piece under the guidance of Derek Bermel as a fellow in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra Composer Fellowship with Los Angeles High School for the performing Arts (LACHSA).